The Extensive History Of Facebook

Facebook Statistics in 2015

Have you ever wondered which are the most amazing facts of best social networking website called Facebook? Before sharing that with you, we have to make sure that you know what is Facebook. Facebook is social network made by Mark Zuckerberg in late 2007, but it became available for public use at the end of 2012 year. Since its release Facebook had a face of one man which was covered with few binary codes. So who was that man? We found out that it was legendary actor Al Pacino, and best friend of Mark made that picture for this great website. During first year of Facebook’s existence, Zuckerberg spent over 70 thousands of US dollars on keeping this company alive, but year after Mark earned 19 billion US dollars, great right? Who is using more this great website, mans or girls? 45% of users are male, but this site is more gender neutral that some other social networks. Wondering which are most “check- in” locations in United States?

How did Facebook influence people’s lives

They are Disneyland, Times Square, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Walt Disney world and many more. Everyone can use this website, that’s why on Facebook you can see everyone from 13 -65 years. Don’t be ashamed if you are friend with your parents, since over 80 percent people are friends with their parents and family. There are many more of amazing facts about Facebook, but we can share only one more great fact about this website. There are over 70 different languages available on Facebook, and almost every user can find his native language, but most of users are using English language on Facebook. We hope that you liked our amazing facts about one of the greatest social networks ever made. Feel free to add even more facts if you know.

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Facebook Gaming 2015

fb games

Do you like and have you ever played bubble games on Facebook? This is a type of games one can play online for free.
From one game programed in 1989 which had been quite popular many similar developed, which is thus not surprising.

Games located on Facebook

On Facebook there are many different versions of this game genre. If you do not like playing games because you believe that they require some special competence or knowledge to play it, and what you look for in a game are relaxed moments with your brain totally or partially shut down, you are probably the type of person for Bubble games. It is very easy to shoot different colored bubbles above at the top of the screen towards the bubbles of the same color already on the screen. When you match three or more same colored bubbles they will evaporate and gain points to you. You should make all bubbles disappear in order to defeat the game in as few shots as possible. Often there are obstacles on you road towards the end of the level so it is sometimes hard to hit precisely the bubble you want to. However, there are also varieties of help such as extra bubbles, the possibility to change the color of the bubble to the color you need, the route of your bubble, etc. You are never given an unlimited number of bubbles which makes the game a bit more difficult because if you spend all bubbles and do not make all bubbles on the screen disappear you lose a life, and there are only five lives at a time to live. And having lost them you have to wait for approximately thirty minutes for one to fill or buy them using real life money.

Different games for different people..

Facebook offers a lot of bubble games: Bubble Witch Saga, Bubbles IQ, Bubble Epic, Lost Bubble, Bubble Age, etc. With the help of your friends who also play one of these games you leisure time will be a lot easier and more pleasurable. You can look forward to progressing in a game faster than your friends, but they can also send lives, or any other help to you. So apart from being a leisure time activity it is also to some extent a social event.
Why not try playing a Bubble game on Facebook (Check it out: pirater un compte facebook gratuitement)? Afraid of becoming an addict? Well you should be. But do not let that discourage you from enjoying you free time in front of the computer. Everyone needs an outlet, make sure you find yours.

Now You Can Play Clash of Clans For Free!

Enjoy unfair advantage, and big amounts of gems in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is free to play and free to download mobile game. It works on android and ios platform. I’m talking about game made by Supercell released for phones with ios operation system first at 2012 year, and year after it was released on Google Play for android phones. Today this game is most famous mobile game with more than 100 hundred players.

Play Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is strategy game where you can build your village and rise your clan. You can unlock warriors and workers which are better than others by playing this game constantly or you can pay for them with real money. Yea you heard me right although Clash of Clans is free to play game you can progress faster by buying gems and gold with real money. Gems are available for buy on Google Play or App store. By buying gems you can also make your clan stronger and better than others. Getting gems by progressing in game is slowly and painful. But if you don’t want to play this game 24/7 you can always pay and get gems.

Progress faster and win every clan war!

Option to buy gems made Clash of Clans game where you can pay to be better than others. You won’t be able to win clan war versus someone who bought gems and progressed faster than you. Since that is not fair at all, not long after releasing game guides came out too. There are a lot of guides and tutorials with which you can get big amounts of gems and gold and save your precious money for something else. Also lots of websites are making giveaways where they are giving free gems and gold.

CoC on Android device

If you don’t have money to waste or you just don’t want to throw your money on some game than you are on the right place. There is one easy way to generate big amounts of gems and progress faster than others. I recommend you to check and find out how to do that reliable and easily without any risk. If you want have level 10 Town Hall and win every clan war and be good as others without playing this game all day long than you just need to use Clash of Clans guides and be the best player out. So go and be the best clan war player, let others to be afraid of you!